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Lichtbringer (Führe mich)“ Maxi-CD via S.D.I. 

Das Regentor“ Tape-EP via Helfire Prod

ZdW - t.b.a. - Tapebox via S.D.I. 

12/16 - The debut album „Nexus (Mundorum)“ was released via S.D.I., limited to 300

copies, 240 jewel case versions and 60 die hard versions (horizontal Digipacks)

11/16 - A new EP called „Die dunkle Seite“ was released via S.D.I., limited to 33

07/16  -The first new sign of existence was spawned in form of the „War Clouds are

gathering“ - Maxi CD / MLP-Tape via S.D.I.

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